EPD made good use of technology by deploying acoustic cameras to successfully track down unknown noise source

2024-06-14 10:18:32 DianjiangHK 7

     The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) announced a case in which acoustic cameras were used to successfully track down an unknown noise source.
     Since March 4 this year, the EPD has received 18 complaints, alleging that at the inner garden of LP6, Wings at Sea and Montara of LOHAS Park, residents have been annoyed by an unknown and irregular high-frequency noise at nights, seriously affecting their daily living. Some complainants suspected that the high-frequency noise might originate from the nearby data centres.

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     Upon receiving the complaints, the staff of EPD had conducted site investigation, found that the high-frequency noise was sporadically emitted, and the site layout was complex, involving various residential estates, commonly used garden and building services facilities; and the presence of multiple sound reflections among high-rise residential towers. After rigorous planning and deployments of staff to use acoustic cameras to conduct in-depth investigations during late nights, today the Department successfully tracked down the concerned high-frequency noise, which was found originated from a residential flat at mid-high level, facing the inner garden. The EPD believe that the high-frequency noise was caused by defective living utilities. The EPD has contacted the corresponding property management and urged them to follow up with the household to handle the concerned problem of high-frequency noise.
     A spokesman for the EPD said, the Department has been keeping abreast of the latest technological developments and applications in overseas and will timely introduce the relevant technologies so as to assist staff in enforcement of the environmental legislation in a more effective manner. Since the concerned high-frequency noise in this case was sporadically emitted from unknow source, the use of acoustic cameras has significantly shortened the time required to investigate the source, and hence speedily assisted the public in resolving noise nuisance issues. The EPD will continue to keep abreast of technological developments and applications, with a view to enhancing the Department's efficiency and service quality.

Source: Environmental Protection Department