Measures Water content, EC and TemperatureComplete kit with readout unit & caseThe WET Kit provides researchers with a powerful portable tool for assessing growing conditions in soils and substrat

  • Product Name:WET Kit
  • Maunufactor:Delta-T
  • Country:UK
  • Measures Water content, EC and Temperature

  • Complete kit with readout unit & case

The WET Kit provides researchers with a powerful portable tool for assessing growing conditions in soils and substrates. The WET Kit measures and displays 3 important variables that influence plant growth: water content, temperature and pore water conductivity (ECp) – the EC of the water available to the plant.

The kit comprises a WET Sensor, an HH2 Moisture Meter (readout unit) and a carry case. 

Three types of WET Kit are available – each with a different set of substrate calibrations, including coir, peat and mineral wool. Please download our Soil Moisture Measurement catalogue or contact Delta-T Devices for ordering information.


volumetric water content

Pore water conductivity



± 0.03 m3.m-3 (1%)

see graph below

± 1.5°C

Soil moisture measurement range

Full accuracy over:
0 to 1 m3.m-3

see graph below

0 to 50°C

Salinity range

0 to 300 mS.m-1

Supplied with extended range calibrations which should be used for readings between 300 to 500 mS.m-1

Temperature range

-5 to 50°C


Serial TTL data providing permittivity, bulk conductivity and temperature, from which water content and pore water conductivity are calculated

Power requirement

6-10 V, ~38 mA for 2.5s



Sample volume

~500 ml

Sample volume is weighted towards soil immediately surrounding the rods

Dimensions and weight

Overall: 120 x 45 x 13 mm 
Rods: 68 mm x 3 mm diameter 
Outer rods 68mm x 3.0 mm dia
Central rod 65 mm x 5.0 mm dia
Weight: 0.1 kg

Sensor calibrations

Sensor calibrations supplied in WET Sensor EEPROM
Recalibration advised every 3 years (dependent on use)

Soil calibrations

Generalised Mineral ,Organic, Sand and Clay calibrations are supplied, specialist calibrations are available for horticultural substrates (please enquire at sales@delta-t.co.uk for more information) .